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Wild Pigeons & Doves from Asia

The Spotted Dove is a native of Southeast Asia, and its kukroo, kukoo, koo... call is familiar to many inhabitants of rural areas. It's a very adaptable species, and is now found as far afield as Hawaii, California and Australia. I saw several during my stay in Yala National Park in Sri Lanka earlier this year. While they weren't too shy, photographing them while they bob and scurry around looking for seeds was quite a challenge!
Spotted Dove

One of my target bird species this year was the Orange-Breasted Green Pigeon. While I saw several flocks at a distance, I was never able to get a half-decent shot until I saw a small flock on my last day. A cloudy sky and intermittent rainstorms meant the light was far from perfect, but I tried to salvage what shots I could...

Orange-Breasted Green Pigeon

The last picture here is of a Green Imperial Pigeon. These are a little more common so I was able to pick my shots until I found this one with nice side lighting and a little breeze creating a mane at the back of its head. Wish I could have gotten rid of the branch in the foreground though!

Green Imperial Pigeon

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