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Second Fox Den

After a few days of observing and photographing the first fox den, I heard of a second den which wasn't too far away. I was able to locate it with the help of a few fellow wildlife enthusiasts, and I couldn't believe my luck that it was literally only a few hundred yards away from the first one. I set up close to a large bush and started observing the den. I watched two of the kits move in and out the brush near the den, but wasn't able to get any good shots. 
     I stuck around for a while, and my patience eventually paid off. One of the kits came out into the open and trotted around for a good 30 seconds or so before heading off for a lie-down! I literally had only seconds to get the money shots, and I was glad my gear didn't let me down. I was shooting with the D800 and the bare 600mm f/4 lens, and given the D800's slow continuous shooting speed and relatively shallow buffer I had to pick my shots with care. Some people say you simply can't shoot action with the D800, and that's simply not true. You just need to be careful and pick your shots - there is much less margin for error than when shooting with a faster camera like the D4. Enjoy the pics!




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