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The Green Heron

I've seen quite a few photographers have great luck with Green Herons at the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, but until this weekend I wasn't one of them. I've heard "OPh, but he landed on a perch just 15 feet away minutes after you left!" way too many times. This Sunday was different - I got to the morning blind by 6:15am and guess what was sitting on a perch staring at me? Yup, you guessed it - a real live Green Heron! The light was nice and soft, and I got some action fishing shots to boot.

Green Heron

Green Heron

A little later in the morning, I decided to head closer to the river and try my luck with the Warblers and Goldfinches. I didn't get very close, but after an hour or so of shooting I managed to get a reasonable shot of a female Goldfinch. I like this picture because of the complementary background and the contrasty green in the foreground.

Female American Goldfinch


Raptors of Sri Lanka

Here are a few raptor pictures from our recent trip to Sri Lanka. Enjoy!

Brahminy Kite

Grey-Headed Fishing Eagle

Created Hawk-Eagle

Created Hawk-Eagle

White-Bellied Sea Eagle (also known as White-Breasted Sea Eagle)


Portrait of a Leopard

For me, one of the highlights of our recent trip to Sri Lanka was always going to be the chance to photograph the elusive and beautiful leopard. One of the best places to see this animal is in Ruhunu (more commonly known as Yala) National Park. The drive from the capital Colombo to the park took us a good 7-8 hours, and we got to our hotel around 2pm. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then readied the camera gear for our first game drive that afternoon.
The weather had been very dry for a few months, and Yala has a unique characteristic - most of the watrering holes are close to the game drive trails and therefore dry periods are the best time to see animals as they all congregrate near the water holes. However, it rained pretty hard for a while before we started the game drive, and rain usually drives most of the animals to find shelter. The majority of our group decided to skip the afternoon game drive and relax at the hotel due to the weather. but my father and I decided that it was too precious an opportunity to waste and decided to do the drive on our own.
We entered the park around 3pm, and spent the better part of 2 hours driving around the park without seeing much more than spotted deer. However we took the opportunity to photograph some birds, including the vividly colored Little Green Bee Eater.
Our luck turned soon. We were driving through an area named Val Mal Kema when our tracker (Tharindu) yelled "Kotiya, kotiya!!!" (leopard, leopard!). Sure enough, a leopard had paused close to the edge of the trail and was staring at us. It took a few seconds for the safari jeep to stop in the right spot, and by then the leopard had disappeared behind a rocky outcrop. We got our gear ready, knowing that the location probably meant that it was drinking water at a little pool. Sure enough, a couple of minutes later its head popped into view and it lazily looked around. I managed to squeeze off a few frames, and that was about the only good opportunity we got to photograph it as it started walking away from us and into the jungle. Enjoy the photographs!





Little Blue Heron goes fishing

I spent a good 30 minutes last weekend watching a Little Blue Heron fishing in a local pond. The morning seemed pretty productive for him (her?) - I saw a combination of 4-5 fish and large tadpoles consumed during this period. It was fun to watch, and shooting with a group of photographers I felt like part of the paparazzi - every time the Heron made a catch it resulted in a few hundred frames being fired off like mini machine guns!





Blue Tailed Bee Eater

This is an image of Blue Tailed Bee Eater that I took a couple of years ago. I still keep confusing them with the Little Green Bee Eater - I'll try to get some better shots of the greenie during my next trip to Sri Lanka so I can compare the differences here…



Do ruffled birds make for good pictures?

The age old question. Appreciate any comments!

Ruffled Blue Tailed Bee Eater

Ruffled Eastern Phoebe


Black Capped Chickadee

I spent 3 hours in a stuffy blind being attacked by ferocious mosquitoes last weekend. This Chickadee had a few laughs watching me...