Nature Photography by Sash Dias


Ospreys and Plovers in Quincy

We were over in Quincy visiting our friends yesterday, and had the opportunity to photography an Osprey and a family of Killdeer. The Osprey nest was on a pole in the middle of a marsh, so we couldn't get too close. In addition, the Osprey didn't seem to be too happy to be entertaining visitors so we didn't get closer than 70-80 yards or so. 



After a little while, we decided to walk across the street to a small pond in a marshy area to see what we could find. We saw an Egret, a House Finch and a family of Killdeer. The finch was sitting on a power line and as a matter of principle I don't post 'bird-on-a-wire' pictures on this blog, though the male's plumage was amazingly beautiful!  The Killdeer were a little more accommodating, and I got a few pictures of the adults and chicks.



Thanks Jeff and Luci for the unique photo opportunities!

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