Nature Photography by Sash Dias


First visit to Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

I've seen a lot of fantastic shots taken by other photographers at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, but never got around to actually visiting it until this weekend. The weather was great, and the wide open spaces at this park are really something else. 
However, what makes DWWS stand out for me are the two birdwatching blinds located beside a pond near the entrance. Designed by a professional photographer, these blinds are perfect for bird photography and even have 1/4-20 thread tripod head mounts on the windows - just screw in your tripod head, mount your lens and you're ready to go!
 Below are some pictures I took this weekend. I also saw a couple of Green Herons and a Great Egret, but wasn't able to take any decent shots. I'll try again next weekend!

Tree Swallow

Painted Turtles

Green Heron

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